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Do’s and Don’ts of Making a Deal

30 Nov , 2016
Created by Ryan Wagner

Making deals has long been a part of the antiques game, and most dealers expect to hear, “What’s your best price?” every show. However, there are good ways and bad ways to approach price problems, and several of the antique shows have been promoting bad ways. Yes, dealers need to be thick-skinned, but you are […]

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October Show Review 2016

5 Nov , 2016
Created by Ryan Wagner

A look back at the October 2016 Collectors Carnival Antiques & Flea Market and forward to the 25th anniversary in 2017.

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Redefining the Antiques Show: Antiques, Vintage, Arts

10 Oct , 2016
Created by Ryan Wagner

The “don’t look back” psychology seems to be growing in current society, although it’s not enough to completely block the urge for “retro” or whatever is currently the buzzword for “cool”. There has, however, been something of a decrease in the traditionally promoted “antique” shows even as “vintage” shows are popping up in various cities. […]

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